About Hunter Schleper

Untitled photo

Raised in the mountains of Vail Colorado and on the waters of Big Watab Lake in Minnesota, Hunter Schleper has made wakes on big mountains, (skiing, snowmobiling, alpine racing) wake boarding, and in the party lifestyle. Hunter now lives out his passion through his art onscreen, filming and photographing the sensual stimulus surrounding him. Fast becoming a rebel visionary, this red headed Rasta uses the practical knowledge he has gained in athletic endeavors for inspiration in his art. His wild and energetic spirit is transferred from field to film. With urgency Hunter works at revolutionizing the way the natural and sub natural world around him is taken in and viewed. As Hunter eyes the world in another contrast, due to a genetic code that prevents him from seeing some colors, his work has a flare sui genaris a Ginjah Raz. Hunter’s photography reveals a fantastical realism that transports his audience inside the photograph, into a daydream most wouldn’t dare to live.

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